Help Wanted

Social Media Guru(s) desperately needed.

The Contract For Americans currently has minimal social media presence.  Yet for it to be effective, it needs to reach millions of voters with minimal cost.

The good news:  If the Contract For Americans can go viral, we will bring about amazing, historic, beneficial changes, as significant as the New Deal of the 1930’s, or the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s.  If you have good social media skills, you could make that happen.

The bad news:  Except for tiny web hosting fees, we are entirely volunteer labor. This makes a lot of sense, given that our main focus is lessening the need for, and power of, money to affect government.  And we may be the only organization you can think of who does not ask their supporters for money.   But it means we need helpers whose motivation is to improve the world, rather than pay the rent.

Other Ways To Help

The main thing we ask is that you endorse our Contract and spread the word to everyone you can.  If you know any media or political figures whose endorsement would be particularly valuable, all the better.

Skills in editing, writing, blogging, or ?????  We would love your help!

Please contact us.  And thank you for your assistance!