The Contract For Americans:

1) Voters help create a list of things they want, and promise to vote for any candidates who pledge to pass those laws if elected.

2) Candidates promise to try to pass our list of laws if elected, and free themselves from fundraising and obligations to donors.


The Contract has 4 main sections:

1) Basic fairness issues such as increased minimum wages; equal pay for equal work; student debt relief and affordable higher education; equal protection under the law; treating veterans fairly; comprehensive immigration reform; and net neutrality.

2) A series of tax reforms to ensure very wealthy individuals and corporations pay their fair share.

3) Reforms to lessen corruption in elections and government, and make it harder for anyone to buy elected officials and laws they want.

4) Improvements in our Healthcare and Environmental Sustainability to address these threats to our very existence.

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Why Support the Contract?

Wondering why you should endorse the contract? We’ve listed a few reasons depending on your situation.

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You can promise to vote for anyone who pledges to pass these laws if elected)