3) Anticorruption Measures:

Not that long ago, paying money to get the laws you want was called “bribery”, or “corruption”.  Now we just call it “donations”, and “Government”.  

Even the Supreme Court (who unleashed a deluge of campaign spending by calling it “speech”, and somehow decided corporations should have the same rights as people) acknowledges that “corruption or the appearance of corruption” is not a good thing.

Yet we allow politicians to accept money, and then do what the donor asks. More ethical and reasonable would be that a politicians can take all the money they want from any individual, but if it is more than, say $10,000, they must recuse themselves from any vote likely to benefit the donors more than the general public.

Do we want our Government to be For Sale to the highest bidder?  

Do we want the Golden Rule to be “The One with the Gold, Makes the Rules”?  

If not, we need this Contract.

However, another good approach is The American Anti-corruption Act.  Represent.Us is an excellent non-partisan, non-profit organization  working to get this or similar laws passed in cities and states around the country, with the hope of ultimately getting it passed on the national level.  We encourage you to help them in their efforts and also hope to help by directly electing candidates at all levels of government pledged to passing this kind of law and the other anti-corruption measures of our Contract.