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You can rate each provision of this initial draft of the Contract.    Feel free to look over the detailed contract as well.  All suggestions for better wording,  changes or elimination of existing parts, additional issues or laws we should include, will be carefully considered, and used to try to create the Contract which will do the most good, and attract the most voters.  Candidates will be presented the most voter supported version of the Contract for their endorsement, so although we suggested some provisions to get things started, the final Contract will be crowd-sourced.

Also, if you like some of the Contract, but find some point so offensive that its inclusion would preclude your endorsing the Contract  please let us know.  A two star rating tells us you don’t like the provision, but could still endorse the Contract.  A one star rating says that you dislike that provision so much that you could not endorse the Contract if it were included.

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1)Increase the Minimum wage to $15/hour

2) Equal pay for equal work.

3) Encourage full time jobs and benefits

5) Affordable and easily refinanced student loans with bankruptcy protection

6) Make Public Universities and Junior Colleges extremely affordable

7) Create a nearly free International Online University

8) Equal Protection Under the Law

9) Demilitarize Police Departments

10) Ban carotid and choke holds, and no knock warrants for drug offenses

11) Require one year mandatory jail time for police who cause a significant injury without body camera documentation

12) Eliminate Private Prisons and other “Punishment for Profit” arrangements.

13) Eliminate Mandatory Sentencing.

14) Change Laws to consider Drug Use an Illness, not a Crime.

15) Shift Resources to Increase Education and Opportunity, rather than Punishment and Incarceration.

16) Create Better Trained, More Professional, More Racially Diverse, Well-paid Police Forces.

17) Do Not Dump on Police Forces Situations Better Handled by Other Governmental Entities.

18) Study Police Forces in Other Areas and Countries, and Emulate Best Proven Practices.

19) Treat Veterans Fairly.

20) Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

21) Net neutrality

22) Have Post Offices Provide Banking Services to Help Poor Neighborhoods, and Help Fund the Postal Service.

23) When Possible, Work Across the Political Spectrum to Achieve Shared Goals.

24) Universally Available and Affordable Contraception

25) No Tax increases for the 99%.  The 1% should pay their fair share.

26) Tax capital gains as regular income.

27) All Financial Trades Taxed 0.5%.

28) Eliminate Corporate and Extremely Wealthy People Tax Loopholes.

29) Reinstate Estate Taxes on estates over $5 million.

30) Help Save Social Security by having everyone pay the same payroll tax percentage of their income.

31) Overturn Citizens United and Hobby Lobby

32) Pass Laws to minimize the effects of the Citizens United and Hobby Lobby ruling meanwhile.

33) Make names of all major donors public

34)Whatever Voting Method is Used, there must be a way to verify the Authenticity of Results.

35)) Vigorously Create Anticorruption Measures to Limit the Power of Money to Affect Election Results and Laws and to Show That  Government Is Not For Sale.

36) Make lying to confuse or intentionally mislead voters illegal.

37) Prohibit unreasonable restrictions on voting, and registration.

38) Make Healthcare more patient centered, efficient, and  cost-effective.  Make Medicare available to All Who Want It.

39) Allow Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices.

40) Limit Pharmaceutical Companies ability to Avoid Competition from generic drugs.

41) Encourage the creation of  Benefit Corporations to produce and sell necessary medications at reasonable price when for profit companies charge abusively.

42) Study Costs and Outcomes, including Patient and Family Satisfaction to possibly offer more patient friendly, and perhaps better options which are less agressive and less expensive.

43) Pass the Green New Deal. to encourage clean technology, efficiency, renewable energy, and green jobs.

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