The Contract as a Buffet

Contract BuffetOr. . . Why isn’t my favorite/most important issue covered by the Contract?

We want this contract to create real, tangible, enduring improvements in people’s lives. To do that, we need millions of supporters, and they probably all want different things, and have different priorities. So we tried to choose the most popular and obvious, that the vast majority of American voters support, and would have already, if it were not for the special interests.

Also, please try not to be offended if your favorite issue isn’t listed first in the Contract.  The Contract’s recommendations are not in order of importance or priority.  We couldn’t list everything first, but we think all these issues are very important.

And  You Can Help Shape the Contract.

Let us know what you like and don’t like, and what we should change or add.  The final version of the Contract presented to Candidates for their endorsement, will be the one most supported by voters.

The Contract for Americans.  Simple versus Complex:

Some people have suggested we “just focus on a few things”.   Too Long Didn’t Read is a worry, and KISS has its points, especially in this era of sound bytes and short attention spans.

Obviously, we went the other way, and here is why:

1) There are many issues which need improvement.
2) There are already lots of single issue groups and petitions on line.  If we simplify too much, we are redundant with them.
3)  The more issues we can include, the more voters we can attract.  For example, some people may be interested in student debt relief, others in increased minimum wages, still others with veterans.  As long as they don’t mind the other issues, we get more supporters.  We can pool the efforts, talents, and votes of many groups,  increase the chance of each issue being successful, and bring about a whole group of useful changes at once.
4)  If and when we can attract well known and respected supporters, their endorsement will reassure voters liking part of the Contract they can support the entire Contract without needing  to scrutinize every detail.

This Contract is like a Buffet. You don’t have to love everything. As long as you like one or two things a lot, and nothing is too offensive, it works.  If you love most of it, and hate some part, let us know.  Help shape the Contract.