Why Should I Support the Contract if I am a ______?


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We need better educated voters and workers to compete in the global economy, right?    Higher Education is more important than ever to get a good job, but no longer assures a good job.   College costs are skyrocketing, in spite of all the technological improvements that should make education more affordable. And then student loans are at usurious rates when “Too Big to Fail” Banks can borrow money almost for free. Even Bankruptcy laws treat Student loans specially——- to protect, not you, but the Banks!

Our Contract proposes

1)  To make new Student Loans affordable and old ones easy to refinance. We suggest about 3% interest, or prime plus 2.5%.

We would also propose options where students could pay off their loans by public service jobs like the Military, Peace Corps, or inner city or impoverished rural school Teaching.

2) Junior colleges and Public Universities should be much more affordable.  We also propose cracking down on abusive on-line and other schools, and the creation of a free International Online University, funded by governmental and non-profit groups— an IOU where you get an excellent education, and don’t owe a lot at the end!

3) Bernie Sanders’ Free University Tuition:  We propose the same Wall St. Transaction tax he does.  If enough Contract For Americans supporters want to use that money for free University Education, that is fine with us.

You won’t need to be held hostage by the large banks any longer, or bury yourself under a mountain of debt to get a good education.

But it goes far beyond money.

Were you excited and hopeful in 2008, only to be disappointed when many elected officials voted with special interests rather than you?

When some people hated President Obama more than they loved our country?

If you are not politically active, is it because you’ve given up and feel there is nothing you can do anyway?  If you are politically active, do you get 50 emails a day desperately pleading for donations?

Well this is our chance to get it right. To get candidates to promise what they will do if elected. To revitalize our middle class, take our government back from the megacorporations and billionaires, and start restoring the promise and opportunity of the American Dream.

Of all the groups mentioned here, Students probably have the most to gain (most years to benefit) and the most to offer (numbers, energy, and savviness with social media).

If Students really embrace this Contract, we can begin to elect a group of legislators at all levels of government, from President of the United States, to village council members, committed to do the things we want, and recapture our government from special interests.

So please help shape our Contract,  endorse our Contract,  spread the message, organize voter registration and turnout, and VOTE.

We have the opportunity to do something really significant and historic this election, to make your life, and all Americans’ lives, better.

Let’s Do It!


We believe Family is the basic building block of our country, and that no one cares more about their family than women.  But these are difficult times, and women could use some help.  

About 49% of minimum wage workers are adult women. So increasing the Minimum wage to $15 per hour and encouraging employers to offer full-time jobs is a good start.

Equal pay for equal work. Women still make significantly less than men for the same work, and are often penalized if they ask for more.  It is time to finally fix this.

We also believe your medical conditions and personal choices are between you and your doctor, and are absolutely none of your employers’ business, no matter what their religion may or may not be.

We believe schools should offer a good education to all students, that they should have the same opportunity to succeed that Americans have been proud of for so many years.

We believe you and your children deserve a safe, healthy environment and neighborhood.   Police should be your trusted friends., helping make your neighborhood a good place to live.

Government should work for you, not Special Interests.

Women should always feel themselves to be full and equal members of society, free from discrimination, and able to reach their full potential.

Working Person or Family

These are very difficult times for working families. Good jobs, benefits, and retirement plans are going away. Many new jobs pay very poorly, and don’t even offer a set number of hours. So people need to work several part-time jobs, perhaps working more than 40 hours per week without the security or benefits of a full-time job.  The Contract for Americans proposes:

1) An increased minimum wage.

This would ensure no one working full time would be in poverty, and tends to raise other low wages as well. Where minimum wages have increased, any job losses have been more than offset by real improvements in economic activity.

2)  Encourage employers to offer full time positions.

3) Better schools and affordable college to give your children the education they need to reach their potential and prosper in the new economy.

4) Government working for YOU, not corporate interests.

Your bosses’ hard work should be rewarded.  But so should yours.  the Opportunity Playing Field has been tilted more and more to favor the very wealthy. This is your chance to help Restore the Promise of Opportunity that America has always offered Working People.

Our world faces many challenges and our Contract offers a lot of common sense solutions to problems you face. Please look it over carefully, endorse it, tell everyone you can, and Vote!

Baby Boomer or Older

You Can Help Save Social Security.   Social Security need not run out of money in 2030.   Just removing the cap on income for contributions so the very wealthy pay the same percentage as everyone else would solve 90% of it’s projected shortfall.  

You can help stabilize the economy.   If you have a 401K or similar plan, it is very important the economy not tank and your investment savings melt away. Making “Too big to fail” banks act responsibly helps prevent a replay of the 2008 meltdown. Promoting education, infrastructure, the middle class,  lessening student debt,  promoting energy efficiency and sustainability to promote good new jobs,  all help that effort too.

You will help make Health Care better, more efficient, more patient centered, and more affordable.

You will help give opportunity and a better society to your children and grandchildren, and a healthier, safer, more sustainable Environment for you and for them.     

The 1960’s were far from perfect.  But we really did accomplish some amazing things.  Let’s accomplish some more now!

Very Wealthy Person, the 1% or even 0.01%

Yes,  the tax reform changes are all aimed at having you pay your fair share, and no one enjoys paying taxes.  But be honest.  

If all our proposed changes were enacted, what would your life be like?  What will you be deprived of as a result?

What will you lack?

So many others will benefit, and. . .

Our Contract helps you greatly in at least 3 ways:

1) It makes you and your family safer and more secure. In countries like Mexico where wealth disparity is even worse than here, and the poor have little hope of improving their lives, kidnapping for ransom is a growth industry. The wealthy need to buy armored cars, with specially trained drivers, and fortified homes to try to protect themselves. That isn’t living well. That is being a prisoner of your wealth. And kidnapping has gone “down market” from there. Soon the moderately well off were also targeted, and now even the working poor might be kidnapped by a gang of teens for a few hundred dollars ransom. That is not the society we ever want here. But we should not assume we are immune to it, and that our affluent neighborhoods or gated communities will be sufficient if we allow wealth disparity to continue to grow indefinitely, and opportunity to stagnate.

2) It Protects the Economy by Maintaining the Consumer Class. The World Economy is powered by the American Economy which is powered mainly by the American Consumer. Whether or not that is a good system, it is what we have. So until that changes, it is extremely important that American Consumers have enough money to keep consuming.

3) It Protects the Economy from Deflation and the Liquidity Trap. The idea of Trickle Down Economics was that the Rich need more money so they create jobs and prosperity for everyone else. That hasn’t happened.  Instead, they are saving their money, investing it in stocks, bonds, and real estate, which threatens to create bubbles in all those markets.  And if too much money is tied up in savings rather than being used by consumers, it can also create a “liquidity trap”, which  can lead to deflation and devastating economic depression.

To prosper in the long term, the ultra wealthy need to share.    Of course you hate paying more taxes, and you worked hard yada yada. . .   But one more time:  What will you be deprived of as a result?  What will you lack?  We believe you will not suffer at all from our proposals, and that you will greatly benefit from the improvements in society caused by your sharing more of your wealth with those less fortunate.

This Contract really is intended to be beneficial for ALL Americans, even the extremely wealthy.

Republican or Conservative

We agree that government can’t do everything,  isn’t always the answer, and needs to live within its means.  Low taxes are good.  Hard work should be rewarded.  So some people will have, and deserve to have, more than others.  People shouldn’t just expect that everything will be given to them.

But  the American Dream, where anyone who works hard can succeed, own a home, raise a family, and have a good life, is becoming a myth.   Should America be a place where a few people are extremely wealthy, but most people are struggling, and falling behind? Where opportunity and security diminish?  Where those with the most money buy the laws they want, so they can get even more money?

Do you want billions spent each election so candidates then need to please their donors to be funded the next time around?

Is it fair if billionaires pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than you do?  Do you really believe they are using the extra billions they save on taxes to create good jobs for you and your children?  Or do you see them destroying the country we love by buying elected officials and using them to pass laws that tilt the opportunity playing field more and more in their own favor?

This is not a Republican or Democratic Party Contract.  It is a people against the special interests Contract.  We are happy to have Candidates and voters from any party endorse it.

We would also be happy to coordinate with an independent Conservative organization, which creates their own Contract for Conservatives.  Our hope is that we could agree on some of the good governance, anti-corruption items, etc.  even if perhaps we disagreed strongly on some others, and that legislators elected from both Contracts could cooperate to enact those shared values.

We really think our Contract can make the future better for you, your family, and all Americans, even the very wealthy.   Thank you very much for considering it, and we value your suggestions for making it better.


Tea Party Member

“We support personal freedom so all Americans can live life the way they want as long as it does not harm others, or infringe on another’s rights.” That is quoted from the Tea Party Patriots, and we couldn’t agree more!

We also completely agree with “elimination of special interests, limiting intrusive government, and encouragement of domestic jobs” from TeaParty.org.  

Our Contract is similar to the Tea Party in several other ways as well: It tries to get the major parties to better address issues important to supporters.  It clarifies for candidates and voters what the candidate should try to accomplish.  And it is an ongoing effort, more than one election.  We have a lot in common.

But there are places we differ, and we hope you will think about them carefully.

TeaParty.org talks about “15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs” including “reduced personal and business taxes” . Reduced taxes for people and small businesses without a lot of money is clearly a good thing. But do you really want Billionaires and huge corporations paying a lower percentage of their income than you do, and getting richer and richer, while everyone else struggles and falls behind?

Our Contract isn’t “Hating the Rich”, or “Punishing Success”.   It is basic fairness, designed to make it more difficult for anyone to buy elected officials and laws they want, and save the American Dream, where everyone who works hard can have a good life.

The Rich have gotten very good at creating a vast Propaganda machine on TV and talk radio.  They can make things that only help them sound like they would help you.  Don’t be Fooled. 

Please look us over carefully. Ignore the media, vote your conscience, and do what is best for you and your family.

Thank you for considering our Contract!  


The Republican party has often convinced Libertarians that they are the best choice, but we would suggest otherwise.

Our main belief is fairness and tolerance.  Do what you please as long as you don’t harm others.     Government is clearly not the answer to all our problems.  But good schools, roads and infrastructure, healthcare, safe neighborhoods,  clean air and water, and equal opportunity and justice for all, benefit everyone.

Please take a careful look at our Contract.  We think it can make life better for you and your family. And we would very much appreciate any suggestions you have for making it better.  What laws would you like to see enacted?


Who do you work for?   How do you spend your time?   Are you accomplishing worthwhile improvements in people’s lives? Are you proud of your work?  Or are you spending an inordinate amount of time fundraising, and then juggling the needs of your funders against the common good?

In perhaps his finest moment, Ronald Reagan said:  “They say Politics is the world’s second oldest profession.  I’ve come to discover that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

We can help free you from that.  The more we succeed in getting money out of elections and government; the more voters choose you for your beliefs rather than your spending;  the freer you will be to do your job creatively, compassionately and effectively.

Our favorite reason for you to endorse our Contract, regardless of your Party,  is that you believe its provisions are important for the well-being of our country and its citizens, and you are eager to enact them all.

But, assuming you keep your promises, a perfectly adequate reason to sign is you realize you may lose if you do not.

We hope to free you from fundraising, motivate your supporters to vote, and make your job more effective and satisfying.

Or we are happy to support your opponent, if they endorse our contract and you don’t.

Thank you for considering our Contract.  We look forward to working with you, appreciate your commitment to governing well, and welcome your suggestions.

Successful Professional Making a 6 Figure Income

You are doing great.  So why are you worried?  Why does the future seem so uncertain?  

Part of it may be that the wealthiest have benefitted most in recent years so, like the expanding universe where the parts farthest away are leaving fastest, there is an “economic red shift”  where everyone sees everyone else above them leaving them behind.

We face serious problems, and many are not being effectively addressed.  Government cannot solve all our problems, but it needs to be responsive,  work for citizens, and not be “for sale” to special interests.  Gridlock and corruption are discouraging, unacceptable, and unnecessary.

You pay a lot of taxes already.  Unless you are making more than $500,000 per year, we don’t want you to pay more. We realize that mortgage and childcare costs may be very high in areas where jobs pay well, and may be denting your income substantially.  You may not feel nearly as rich as some might think.  We also realize that job and retirement security are increasingly tenuous.

You need excellent affordable education for your kids, good infrastructure, safe neighborhoods, broad opportunity, and a sustainable environment. You need an economy unlikely to be tanked by unregulated too big to fail banks.  You need a government that works.    You need our Contract.